ContinU Plus Academy Referral Pathway

School Referrals (Dual Registration)


S1 – School referral made to CPA Headteacher (Direct or via FAAP) KEY DOCUMENTS
S2 – CPA Referral Coordinator liaises with Home School to discuss referral.  Home School to clarify with parents/carers next steps in the event of placement breakdown at the CPA in line with the SLA i) Home school complete Professional Passport fully in advance and forwarded to CPA Referral Coordinator

Example Passport

Teacher SDQ

ii) Schedule of Charges completed

S3 – Parent and pupil meets Referral Coordinator and Home School SLT for joint meeting at CPA i) Parent/Carer Passport during meeting

ii) Parent/Carer completes Parent SDQ at this meeting

S4 – If deemed necessary, home visit with parent and pupil to complete positive handling plan, and offer of place at the CPA i) KS3 Pupil Passport or KS4 Pupil Passport and Pupil SDQ completed during meeting
S5 – Pupil placement at CPA confirmed i) Positive Handling Plan completed during home visit, if necessary

ii) Home school/CPA Placement SLA or Out of Area SLA signed (includes expectations on CPA)

S6 – Pupil has pre-induction visit to CPA for assessments (e.g. access tests)
Pupil commences at CPA/CITE. Review meetings held every term, as outlined in the Assessment and Monitoring Timeline

Placement Breakdown

Schools receive detailed half term monitoring reports on each pupil. A review meeting will be set up by the CPA to discuss content and pupil progress.  These reports will (from September 2015) include a RAG rated “Behaviour” column, with comments if “Amber or Red”.  This RAG rating flags the “risk of the placement breaking down”.  Schools will be made aware through the referral structure CPA/Home School link a communication where behaviour is escalating towards “Red”.   A “Red” status will require a joint meeting with Home school to assess the continuation of the placement (see 2c below).  Records of behaviour incidents that have led to the “Red” status will be collated and shared with the Home school.

A CPA Placement at CPA may end when:

  1. The Home school decides to end the placement during a given term (full term cost).
  2. The Placement duration period has been concluded and not extended following a review.
  3. a pupil behaves in a manner that equates with permanent exclusion as in the CPA Exclusion Policy which is available on the website. This behaviour may be a single extreme incident or it may be negative cumulative behaviours over time as in “d” below.
  4. “Placement Breakdown” may be triggered where a second “Red” status has been set on the half term Monitoring Reports. In this case, the CPA may deem the placement to have broken down and initiate steps with the Home School for a managed return (within 4 weeks).

It should be noted that Placement Breakdown is not a Permanent Exclusion as only the Home school can make a Permanent Exclusion. However, at the point of Placement Breakdown the Home School may request a CPA Governor Placement Panel meeting to review the case.  Throughout, therefore, it is essential that Amber/Red Placement Breakdown risk status cases are communicated with Home Schools promptly to ensure full awareness exists by all parties.