Why Study Art?

Art is taught to inspire, engage and challenge students.  Art equips them with skills to create their own masterpieces. We offer a range of qualifications that support our pupils to grow as artists.

Pupil Voice

“I love arts award, researching my art inspiration and then creating a piece of art based on them has been a lot of fun and I’m really proud of the pieces I have created.”


Who teaches it?

Elliott Casswell-James teaches KS3 Art.

How is it taught?

You will have one 70-minute lesson per week.

What do we learn?

  • Techniques in painting and sketching
  • Trips to Art galleries and Museums
  • Chance to study Bronze Art Award

Where could it lead?

  • Advertising
  • Animator
  • Illustrator
  • Photographer
  • Art Therapist
  • Art Teacher
  • Fashion Designer