We run a variety of interventions for pupils who need a little extra help managing their behaviour and general well being. These interventions are timetabled alongside our regular daily lessons and pupils come out of their lessons to take part in therapeutic sessions either working 1:1 with staff or in very small groups.

Here are the behaviour interventions that we run:

1. Boxing Clever

This intervention aims to encourage self esteem and aspiration for pupils scoring high on the SDQ scales for hyperactivity and behaviour difficulties. It helps to motivate pupils away from anti-social, anti- learning behaviour and to learn the importance of discipline and control of movement in the sport.

2. Managing Strong Emotions – Anger Management

Being a teenager is about the struggle between dependence and independence. It’s about the desire to abandon childhood patterns while feeling frightened by the consequences of adult behaviours. It’s about sorting out a tangle of physical, emotional, moral and social changes. It’s about deciding, “What do I want for my life?”  The aim of the intervention is to empower pupils to make independent choices, identify anger, encourage self-esteem, aspiration and to motivate pupils away from anti-social, anti- learning behaviour.

3. Strategic Tutor Group

In order to best support the needs of our pupils both emotionally and academically we use strategic tutor groupings.  This enables us to use tutor time to set our pupils up for the day.

4. CITE – Customised Individual Therapeutic Education

CITE is a therapeutic bespoke provision for pupils who require immediate education prior to CPA termly admittance windows.

A calm and contemplative environment where pupils can re-engage with learning and become accustom to the CPA ethos.