Why Arts Award?

Arts Award qualifications are designed to inspire learners and to grow their arts and leadership talents. Most of all, they aim to support and encourage learners of all levels and abilities and from all backgrounds and cultures to engage and participate in the arts. This qualification offers a variety of ways to approach creative and wider skills development, that can be tailored to the centre, adviser and learners. Through Arts Award, learners will achieve a national qualification that will build confidence through nurturing their individual interests, while also equipping them with life skills that will support their education and future employment.

Pupil Voice

“I love my art lessons as they let me create pieces that interest me.”

Who teaches it?

Arts Award is delivered by Aimee Wootton an experienced arts adviser.

How is it taught?

A dedicated day a week is given for arts award with students expected to complete independent study alongside.

What do we learn?

To pass Gold Arts Award, learners are required to create an individual arts portfolio which demonstrates how they meet the following requirements:

Unit 1 – personal arts development

Unit 2 – leadership of an arts project plan the project

Where could it lead?

Employment with the arts industry

University through UCAS points