Once a referral is in place at the CPA, one of the most important features of that placement is the ongoing communication between us and the referring school. We arrange regular meetings with the home schools, so that feedback on the pupil’s progress is monitored throughout their time at the CPA. Placements at KS3 are reviewed after one term before a decision is made on whether to extend the placement or to re-integrate the pupil back into their home school. This decision is made between the CPA, the home school, and most importantly, the pupil and parents/carers. Placements at KS4 are generally long-term and we will usually keep the pupil until they leave at the end of year 11. The objective of these placements is to ensure a smooth and positive transition into post-16 education or training. In 2017, 100% of our year 11 leavers were offered onto a college, 6th form or apprenticeship.