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Positive behaviour is rewarded through a weekly, half termly and termly system of recognising positive choices and consequences. Positive behaviour can be rewarded individually through our RAISE point sheets. RAISE points sheet are bespoke to each pupil, if they need to improve an area (i.e. respect) this will be their focus and a bonus for achieving it will be added. The rewards are stated to the learner every morning in form time by their tutor.

Every week pupils who earn 80% or above of their RAISE points will be awarded with a £5 Tesco voucher in a whole school assembly in conjunction with 80% attendance. Successful pupils also receive a RAISE achievement certificates and a round of applause.

Praise cards reward significant achievement in a single lesson/subject or for kind and helpful behaviour.

In addition to this a phone call home can often be much appreciated by the pupil, to inform parents/carers their child’s behaviour has been exemplary.

Every half term all pupils who get 80% RAISE points and attendance go on a reward trip.

Year 11 reward trips reward a positive school career and as such consist of a residential trip abroad to experience another culture.

Each form tutor has an area of expertise (anxiety, autism, ADHD, ODD, poor attenders, high achieving) and pupils are placed in those forms where their needs will be met most efficiently. Students are allocated to one of 7 forms:
Cuba · Poland · Australia · Croatia · Antigua · Columbia · Albania