At the ContinU Plus Academy, we want all pupils to feel happy and to enjoy school. Our motto is ‘we will work it out’, so whatever the reasons for your move here, you will be treated with fairness and as an individual, so that you develop as a person and as a pupil.  We will track your levels of wellbeing including self esteem, through our strengths and difficulties questionnaire.   During your initial meeting here, you will complete a pupil passport (keystage 3) (keystage 4), which gives you the chance to tell us about yourself. You will also be given a CPA Code of Conduct, which will outline how we expect you to behave. We love to promote positive behaviour and the way you can access our rewards is by earning points every lesson in our RAISE (Respect; Achievement; Inappropriate language; Self-control and Effort) system. If you achieve 80% on average during the week then you will be rewarded with a £5 gift voucher, and if you achieve 80% across the entire half term then you will be given the opportunity to experience a rewards trip.

What our students say…   

  • ‘When I first started here I was nervous and had butterflies, but I soon felt at home. The staff are polite and respectful’
    Lenny, year 8
  • ‘The students here have good hearts’
    Maddie, year 8
  • I thought it would be rough here, but it was easy to make friends’
    Owen, year 11
  • ‘I didn’t want to come here, but the atmosphere is way better and calmer. I like all the teachers here’
    Luca, year 7