Attendance at the ContinU Plus Academy

Here at The ContinU Plus Academy we successfully monitor and improve attendance rates through engaging pupils. This is done through personalised interventions along with building close and supportive relationships with parents/carers. The CPA considers each one of its student’s needs, and in doing so is able to reintegrate, engage and support a pupil back into a learning environment.

We endeavour to build strong relationships and communication with both pupils and parents/carers to encourage regular attendance. This is achieved through home visits and regular meetings with parents and carers. These steps ensure that there is support for the welfare and emotional well-being of the pupils and their families here at the ContinU Plus Academy.

The national average for alternative provision attendance is currently 62.4%. The Current target for attendance at the ContinU Plus Academy is 92%. As of 2017 the CPA recorded 89% attendance, far exceeding the national average of 62%.

How attendance is maintained

The ContinU Plus Academy monitors attendance on a weekly basis. There is the expectation that each pupil maintains an average of 90%+ attendance throughout the week. Once a pupil’s attendance falls below 90%, and continues to do so, there will be procedural processes to be implemented to ensure that this does not continue. These include; monitoring meetings which allow personalised action plans to be drawn, tailoring to each individual and their needs or circumstance. These meetings, alongside home visitation, provide a valuable link to the provision of welfare at the ContinU Plus Academy.

Our educational welfare officer Miss Lauren Heighway closely monitors and liaises with families and carers if a pupil’s attendance persistently is falling below 90%. There is always the reminder to parents and carers that the CPA has a legal obligation to carry out relevant procedure regarding persistent absence.

How the CPA supports and rewards attendance

Students with excellent attendance, who continuously achieve 90%+, are rewarded with a trip at the end of each half term. This reward system is just one of the many ways that the CPA supports and maintains a high attendance average.

Other ways in which the CPA supports attendance include:

  • A clear definition of expectations of students and parents/carers at interview.
  • Monitoring attendance at morning and afternoon registration.
  • Liaising with referring agencies, including the local authority.
  • Transporting our pupils for free using our own minibuses.