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Tuesday, December 4, 2018 0 News

On Wednesday the 28th of November our students had the pleasure of meeting Mahalia, a young artist who is just about to watch her career rocket into stardom. The 20 year old came in to talk to the students about how her career has taken off and the pressure she feels from fame. Mahalia spoke about the pressure of being a female in the industry and to encourage our young ladies on what ‘pretty’ really look like instead of the ‘fake’ Instagram/Photoshop images in the social media. Mahalia went on to perform her current hits ‘silly girl’ and ‘sober’, to which the room fell silent by her incredible voice and powerful lyrics.
Our students where then left speechless as Mahalia gave students the surprise of a lifetime when international star Anne Marie (who she is currently supporting on tour with) walked into the room, saying she was invited to come for a cup of tea. Anne Marie also opened up to the students and spoke about the pressure of being a female role model in the industry and how she deals with her anxiety before performing. Both Mahalia and Anne Marie were open and honest leaving the students feeling inspired.

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