Support for parents – reading

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Some of the ways that we suggest parents/carers can support their child’s reading include:

  • Download free ebooks from the internet. Many children find reading more enjoyable when they can do it on their tablets, computers or phones.
  • Agree that video game play/social media time is matched with some time reading.
  • Put subtitles on TV programmes.
  • Listen to audiobooks.
  • Read the same book as your child to encourage discussion
  • Let your child see you reading.
  • Set a time for reading – studies show that reading a book before bed promotes healthy sleep.
  • Allow your child to read a range of texts, especially ones that match their interests. Comics, magazine, newspapers and lots more are all acceptable. Reading is not just about books.
  • Discuss what your child has learned during the school day and what their day consisted of – dialogue and recounting what has happened during the day helps to consolidate learning.
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