Vocational Learning

Through collaboration with our partners we will offer bespoke provision for every student at Key Stage 4, providing aspirational preparation for life outside the classroom. We will achieve this using appropriately supported skills based learning leading to training, apprenticeship and employment post 16.

A choice of high quality courses at local colleges will complement the core provision at the CPA. Any course providers we use are quality assured including Crowsmill, Abberley Care Farm, Klever Kloggs, Step out and YDC.

The two progression pathways below show how a student at the CPA can progress from a Level 1 qualification, to a Level 2 Diploma or apprenticeship pathway at post-16. All of our vocational courses are chosen for their progression pathways post 16, offering opportunities to further education, training, apprenticeship or employment.

Courses include Construction, Hair and Beauty, Animal Care, Football, Public Services and Farrier Training.