Therapeutic Services

The CPA is absolutely committed to a full program of therapeutic intervention delivered at point of need to our pupils. Sometimes the experiences that our pupils have gone through in their lives have left them less able to deal with social and school environments than other members of their peer groups. In order to effectively teach the young people in our school there may be underlying issues, that we are first required to deal with.

Opportunities to access a variety of programmes will be made available over the course of every school year. Some opportunities will be for small groups, whilst others will be delivered on an individual level. All interventions and support will be subject to stringent safeguarding arrangements and robust monitoring of outcomes.

Interventions may include:
• Bushcraft
• Lego therapy
• Art therapy
• Music therapy
• Coaching sessions
• Equine facilitated learning
• Self esteem and confidence building activities
• Grief counselling

Pupils, parents and carers are able to request intervention and support. Once support has been requested, an initial meeting will take place between the assistant Head/SENCO and the pupil/family. Each pupil will have an individual pupil provision map to track progress.