Teaching & Learning

The ethos and atmosphere of the CPA will underpin the agreed aims of the school. Teachers will provide a broad and balanced curriculum which will develop the skills and knowledge that are necessary for the student’s future learning.

All staff including support staff work to remove barriers to learning and will support the pastoral needs of the students. We are strongly committed to recruiting and training the highest calibre and most appropriate staff to effectively meet the needs of our pupils.

Students enter school at different stages of development. Students learn in different ways and at different rates of progress. In the course of learning, students develop their skills through a variety of processes.

Our annual calendar of monitoring and evaluation across all departments will include regular lesson observations for all staff, scrutiny of teaching documentation and student work. A rolling programme of internal and external subject moderation will enable the CPA to maintain aspirational standards of teaching and learning.

The governing body provides regular, robust monitoring of teaching and learning across the school. As key members of the governing body, we are fortunate to have two Head Teachers from the ContinU Trust, alongside the Director who ensure the highest of standards are adhered to.