Student Support Services

The role of Student Support Services at the ContinU Plus Academy are to assist and promote the personal and academic development of each pupil. All pupil support is directed at the following three outcomes:

1. Improving attendance

2. Reducing the need for exclusion and so increasing pupils’ participation in education and raising levels of achievement.

3. Fundamentally changing our pupils self esteem and commitment to the educational process, in order for them to successfully progress throughout the rest of their lives

The Learning coach provides support and guidance to children, young people and those engaged with them, by removing barriers to learning in order to promote effective participation, enhance individual learning, raise aspirations and achieve their potential.

Appropriately trained coaches will utilise their counselling skills and contact with pupils in other contexts, allowing coaches to influence in ways not always available to class teachers.

Our aim is to provide another level of service for our pupils, that enhances academic provision in order to support learning, participation and encourage social inclusion, develop and maintain effective and supportive mentoring relationships with children, young people and those engaged with them as well as work within an extended range of networks and partnerships to broker support and learning opportunities and improve the quality of services to children and young people.