Whatever the issue that has prevented a pupil from succeeding in the past, we have a passionate and firm commitment to removing those barriers, allowing everyone to access a successful and meaningful education.

Using a ‘skills based curriculum’, teaching in small groups with one-to-one intensive support delivered at point of need, we aim to re-engage disaffected pupils with their education. We will ensure that our pupils have the attention and professional support that they require to narrow the gaps in their education.

By implementing individualised learning plans for every student, we will provide accelerated learning in key skills including Reading, Writing, Comprehension and Maths. We will also provide a positive, safe and secure environment with highly trained and motivated staff.

Every student at key stage 3 will have access to a handpicked team of Learning Coaches to make the journey from their home school and the reintegration back into it positive and successful. A celebration event to mark the end of the term involving parents/carers and friends, will give each pupil a personal portfolio of success to share with their home school.

Our approach to reintegration will ensure long term support for every student before, during and after their experience at the CPA.