Learning Coaches


The Learning Coach provides appropriate support and guidance and a personalised learning plan for individual Young Learners in their care. This will be based on personal knowledge of their circumstances, their learning needs, achievements and aspirations and will be backed up by significant bench marking information on academic and well-being starting points. The Learning Coach should know the student better than anyone else.

Overarching purpose

Our aim for KS3 pupils is to achieve successful reintegration into mainstream school and for KS4, that a successful and sustainable post 16 destination is achieved. The role of the

Learning coach is to facilitate the attainment of this outcome by:

1. Giving each Young Learner a feeling of increased self-esteem and self-worth at the CPA through a supported individualised package devised through consultation with SLT.

2. Monitoring the progress of the student across the curriculum and ensuring consistent and acceptable standards of work, progress and behaviour.

3. Providing a meaningful and aspirational tutor base, and delivering structured tutor sessions in line with our SMSC program.

4. Evaluating the impact of the curriculum on the Young Learner and communicating this to parents/carers, teachers and other professionals.

5. Identifying obstacles to personal progress and attempting to overcome them, working collaboratively where necessary

6. Developing good relationships with students and their parent/carers.

7. Working in partnership with teaching, support staff and extended and external services.