ICT & Innovation

The specialism of the ContinU Plus Academy is to provide a safe and streamlined ICT environment that can engage, support and challenge the pupils. ICT will play a critical role in supporting our vision, by providing a wide range of flexible, age appropriate ICT and new technologies, with an engaging and inspiring learning platform to support all learning styles and abilities. We will be using an innovative, industry leading and sharply tailored Virtual Learning Environment (FRONTER) accessed via the cloud, which will be a central part of the CPA’s daily life. Students will be totally and seamlessly connected to their work projects and Individual Learning Plans, peers, coaches and community, wherever they may be- in the home, at school, at college or undertaking Outdoor Learning activities.

The ContinU Plus Academy will also be a Lego Innovation centre, that enables high quality learning in Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics through real life robotics. Open ended problem solving activities will engage all types of students, creating the ideal learning environment- one that mixes fun with real academic progress, and life skills. This key part of our curriculum is designed to help students develop 21st century creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills required for success in school and beyond.