General Policies

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Governance and Reporting Structure

FGB School Terms of Reference

Governor Pecuniary Interest

Health & Safety

Sun Exposure Policy

H&S – Young Persons at Work

H&S – Visitors

H&S – Vibration Control

H&S – Vehicles on Property

H&S – Student Supervision

H&S – Stress Management

H&S – Security & Lone Working includes Key Holder List & Emergency Contact Numbers

H&S – Risk Assessment

H&S – Practical Guidance on Safe Working Practices based on Health & Safety Executive Advice

Health & Safety Policy (Part C) Arrangements – Accident Records & Notification

Health & Safety Policy (Part B) Organisation for Health & Safety Management

H&S – Noise Control

H&S – New & Expectant Mothers at Work

H&S – Minibuses in the UK

H&S – Manual Handling & Lifting

H&S – Legionella Prevention

H&S – Inspections Maintenance Regular Safety Activities

H&S – Information Instruction Training & Supervision

H&S – Hazardous Materials Register

H&S – Gas Safety

H&S – Flammable Liquids

H&S – First Aid

H&S – Fire Precautions

H&S – Electricity at Work Regulations including PAT Testing

H&S – Contractors & Practical Guidance on Safe Working Practices based on Health & Safety Executive Advice

H&S – Construction With Employees

H&S – Construction Projects

H&S – Codes – Local Management Arrangements

Health & Safety Policy

CPD – Infection Control Policy

Legal and Financial

Annual Audited Accounts 2017

Annual Audited Accounts 2016

Annual Audited Accounts 2015

Value for Money Statement

Annual Audited Accounts 2014

Parents and Students Page

Referral Documentation

Statement of Charges – Outside area

Statement of Charges – General

Referral Process

Referral and Baseline Procedure

KS3 Referrals

E – Permission for Photographs and Video

D – School Home Partnership Agreement

CPA Student Registration

CPA Outdoor Education Provision

CPA Admissions Policy

C – Progress Professional Passport

B – Parent Carer Passport

Admissions Refusal

Admissions Acceptance

A – KS4 Pupil Passport

A – KS3 Pupil Passport

SDQ Teacher

SDQ Student

SDQ Parent

Positive Behaviour



Sex & Relationship Education Policy

Further Definitions of Abuse

Diversity Policy


Complaints Policy

Admissions Policy

Exclusions Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Diversity Policy

Race Equality Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy inc Anti-Bullying Charter

Statutory Policies

Teaching and Learning Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy – Additional Educational Needs

Additional Educational Needs Policy

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy

Positive Handling Policy

Pupil Premium and Free School Meals Policy

Marking Policy

The Education Brief

Finance Policy

Curriculum Policy

Positive Behaviour

SEND Policy


Transport Policy

Admissions Policy

SEN Policy – Looked After Learners

SEN Policy – English as an Additional Language

SEN Policy – Additional Educational Needs

Anti-Bullying Policy inc Anti-Bullying Charter


Application Form Support Staff

Appointments & Recruitment Policy

Acceptable Use of Electronic Communications Policy

Teaching & Learning

SMSC Policy

Sex & Relationship Education Policy

Collective Worship Policy